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How To Prepare For A Skype Based Interview

The introduction of integrated webcams into desktop, tablet and smartphone devices together with improvement in broadband speed has meant that a new form of job interview is becoming mainstream. Video chat job interview, which are commonly conducted using the free cross-platform software Skype are becoming widely accepted as an alternative to phone based interviews. In… Read more »

From City Worker to Wellness Coach and Author

Can you give us a brief overview of what you do at Spinach and Yoga? My mission is to inspire and support women in finding their own flexible (non-restrictive) path to optimal health by re-connecting with their bodies and its wisdom. In one-to-one work and group programs, I help women re-build self-trust and find their… Read more »

My 1st Birthday As An Entrepreneur: Pondering Lessons Learned And Best Advice

I complete my first full year as an entrepreneur feeling satisfied and optimistic, with ambitious plans for the next twelve months; but if I knew then what I know now, what would I have done differently? Surround yourself with like-minded peeps When I first set up Tanami, I decided to base myself at home. Needing… Read more »

New Event! How To Write Your Own Bestseller

We’re excited to hear about the upcoming Write Your Own Bestseller event hosted by RED magazine where you’ll learn tips and secrets from three best-selling authors (Freya North, Lisa Jewell and Jojo Moyes) on how to pen and publish that best seller that’s bubbling away inside you. Below is a very brief overview of the… Read more »

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