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How to stop worrying about what others think so you can be true to yourself

Career ChangeConfidenceVideos2 CommentsApril 11th, 2014

judgement of others.png-001I know from my own experience how worrying about what other people thing can crush the dreams and hope out of us.

When it comes to our career/ business, we end up doing what we think we should do to gain approval in the eyes of others – and (sadly) gaining self-validation through this.

We postpone that career change or starting that business.What will my manager/ colleagues think? If I walk away from (Read More)

How I made the decision to leave the high-flying corporate world and set up my own business…


Juliet Tjuliet thomashomas, a previous coaching client of mine and all round inspiring woman and coach, shares her personal account of how she finally made the decision to leave her high-flying corporate job as Global Head of Customer Service for a leading financial data company and start her own business.


It was 7.35am on a rainy Friday morning. I’d just coaxed a very sleepy little boy out of the car and make the … (Read More)

From Pregnancy to Publishing Deal

IMG_20130818_085023This week Siobhan Curham reveals how she used her maternity leave as an opportunity to finally pen that first novel and land a publishing deal. I love her story because it just goes to show that becoming a mother doesn’t mean our careers have to go on hold- in fact, it can be the perfect opportunity to start the project you’ve been dreaming of and the beginning of a whole new career for you.

Read … (Read More)

Why it’s essential to tell your own story in business

Cara Bendon Branding ExpertI’m excited to share with you our first guest post at written by the talented branding expert Cara Bendon. Cara explains why it’s important to create a compelling story for your business and gives some quick and easy practical steps to help you get clear on the story that will make your business shine.


I’ve worked with a lot of businesses from start ups to household names, and an insight I can give … (Read More)

Laura Roeder: From web agency girl to global online business owner living “location independent”

Laura Roeder

I’m thrilled to feature Laura Roeder in the inspiration lounge of The Career Stylist. Laura Roeder is a leading social media expert and owner of LKR Social Media – one of the most reliable, easy to use sources for social media information and advice on the web.  She enjoys a location independent lifestyle whilst running her successful online training business.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Laura and hear about her journey to … (Read More)

How to get new clarity on what your true natural strengths are

Career ChangePersonal Growth2 CommentsMarch 14th, 2014

How to get new clarity on your true strengths


Do you know what your true natural strengths are?

My guess is that you may struggle to answer that question. You might have a vague sense of knowing what you’re “kinda good at”, but find it hard to connect with those unique strengths that are the very essence of you….

This may keep you either:

1) Still sitting on the fence when it comes to making that change you so want in your career/ … (Read More)

If you want to create amazing new possibilities you must do this!

Personal Growth1 CommentFebruary 28th, 2014


I was having “one of those days”.

There was lots to do, but I just couldn’t get in my groove.  My hormones were going loopy, and all I wanted to do is drink tea and stare up at the blue sky.

But I was feeling bad for feeling that way.  I reminded myself “Look at all you have to do, places to go, people to get back to- a business to build for (Read More)

From Office Administrator to Multi Award Winning Professional Blogger and Published Author

Annabel Beeforth

I’m thrilled to feature Annabel Beeforth, Founder of one of UK’s leading and most influential wedding blogs LOVE MY DRESS in the inspiration lounge. In the interview below, Annabel shares  how she made the transition from principal administrator for a University to full time blogger, creating a flourishing career, business- and life- she loves and that has sparked new incredible opportunities such as becoming a published author. I know many of you want to start … (Read More)

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