I know from my own experience how worrying about what other people thing can crush the dreams and hope out of us.

When it comes to our career/ business, we end up doing what we think we should do to gain approval in the eyes of others – and (sadly) gaining self-validation through this.

We postpone that career change or starting that business.What will my manager/ colleagues think? If I walk away from this great job role, will my value be diminished? What will my high-achieving peers/ parents/ family friends think?

We agonize over doing that video blog post (oh yeah, that resonates!) What if they think I sound an amateur?

We question stepping up & being BOLD with our dreams (yep, that resonates too). Will people think I’m an arrogant so and so? Have I really ‘earned’ my rights to do this?

POINT IS THIS: We let ourselves be ruled by what others think and stay in Stuck City. And we all know Stuck City is a sad, desolate place. If we want our pass out and have the self-conviction to follow our truth – the only way we can experience our true greatness – we need to shake up our perspective on the ‘what other people think’ situation….

In today’s vlog, I answer the first BURNING QUESTION from  Annabel whose been grappling with this issue for a while. She opens up to how caring about what others think is getting her wildly off track- and I really open up about WHY this is, HOW it  held me back too, and WHAT I did to keep fear at bay and have the courage to be true to myself and build the career and business I really want.

It’s a longer than usual one because well- it’s such a juicy topic and I’m kinda passionate about it – but all the more goodness for you.

Just click on the below.


Beth xx


4 Responses to “How to stop worrying about what others think so you can be true to yourself”

  1. Katherine on

    Yes! I can totally relate to this! I currently work in corporate PR and want to retrain as a personal relationship coach. I know I would love it, but why do I feel so embarrassed about it? Someone in the office saw a coaching book in my bag, and I almost felt like I’d been ‘caught red handed’. I know I have to pursue what I want to do without worrying about what others think as I’m the one living my life, not them – but it’s hard!

    • Beth Reacher on

      Those feelings are totally natural- the key is to acknowledge them for what they are but keep moving forward towards your goals and dreams regardless (the advice in the vlog above will help). I also find that it’s harder when you first make those initial steps but it gradually gets a lot easier- kinda like pulling off a plaster! x

  2. Laura on

    Thanks for this Beth – this is so helpful. Just to echo what Katharine has said, I really agree that this issue is particularly challenging when it comes to making career changes. Thing is, it’s important to remember that everyone will have an opinion won’t they – but then they’ll probably be more taken up with their own lives after a few hours! I think that keeping your ‘why’ and your end vision in sight is always key and I love the quote ‘If you don’t build your own dreams, you’ll get paid to build someone else’s’. That always helps to get me back on track!

  3. Jacqueline on

    Thanks for this Beth, really good. The fear of what others think, it’s a shocker. I read somewhere that we are as humans genetically programmed to want to fit in, to belong, it’s what helped kept us alive when back when we needed our tribe, family to help us survive. Knowing that helps, it’s human to want to belong and fit in. But I also like to remember the quote that variety is the spice of life. :)


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