One of my lovely clients Kirsten Samuel shares with us why she’s decided to leave her successful corporate job to set up her own business in the wellness industry. We’ll be getting more of an inside glimpse into Kirsten’s adventures into the world of entrepreneurship in future blog posts where she’ll be sharing the successes, insights, and lessons she encounters along the way…

Striking out- Part 1


After a much needed two week Vitamin D boost, I landed back in London yesterday with a great big thud! No job to go back to, my second house sitting assignment in as much as six weeks & a new air of clarity that things would never be the same.


Winding back two months, I can hardly believe that I had one of the best jobs in my company, had a lovely pad in Richmond & was drinking champagne on a fairly regular basis! So why on earth did I want to give this up? The answer is simple really – for something better.


There are so many quotes out there about regret, but the one that rings most true to me is, “You’ll only ever live to regret the things you didn’t do.” And so it was with a heavy heart & several sleepless nights that I decided to pack my bags & strike out on my own.


Today is officially day one of riding solo & I’m feeling empowered, focused and let’s be honest, a little bit scared!! I know that the next few months are going to be a massive learning curve & even in the months leading up to now, I’ve learnt a lot. Here are a couple nuggets that I’d like to share, which may hopefully help you inch that little bit closer to taking the next step:


Have courage.

It was only when I started weighing up the pros & cons of staying in the city versus doing my own thing, that I really gained an appreciation of why so many people who dream & talk of having their own business, never actually get round to doing it.  It’s a hard decision to make & one, which no one should ever underestimate. However, after months of should I, shouldn’t I, I finally arrived at the following conclusion: Yes, the likelihood of starting up & failing is high (if you base this on UK new business statistics), however, the likelihood of completely screwing up my life in the process, is very low. From this point on, it was a no brainer – I had to do it!


It’s a journey.

I decided that before I throw myself into my new business, I would take a much-needed holiday to recuperate from the years of stress that came with working in the corporate fast lane. I decided that this holiday would be a different sort of holiday & indeed it was as I headed off to a glorious yoga retreat in Bangalore, India. The retreat promised “A journey of self-discovery.” & that’s exactly what it was, a journey (& no, not the end of the journey, more like the start of a long journey ahead)!! Being my usual impatient self, my expectations were that a week of yoga, meditation, veggie food & early nights would completely heal me, but in truth, I feel exactly the same (albeit a little more rested) than what I did before I left. What I actually learnt from this experience is that things don’t just happen over night, it’s called a journey for a reason & we should relish every minute: Planning, Plotting & Patience – my new favourite 3 P’s!


So, I can’t wait to see what the next few months hold in store & sharing my insights as the journey enfolds……


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8 Responses to “From IT Sales Exec to Wellness Entrepreneur”

  1. Antonina Andreeva on

    I applaud this lady bravery & level headiness towards her new life. Based on that I think she is heading towards fulfillment. Look forward to reading more in time. Thnx for sharing Beth.x

  2. Elaine Marshall on

    Brilliant! I wish you all the best of luck for your new venture; it’ll be crazy, mad, quiet, thought-provoking but India pretty much sets us on the right path. I went through something similar and I have never looked back. Congratulations!


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