"When you’re grateful for something difficult, it changes the energy around it, which changes how you relate to it, and turning it into a positive experience! This is a good and powerful tip when dealing with problems"

Jody Shield, Alternative Therapist

Can you give us a brief overview of what you do?

I’m a highly intuitive Practitioner, working with transformational healing techniques, practical life-changing coaching and psychological insight. I facilitate noticeable change in people’s lives, blasting through blocks and releasing the deep-seated and often deeply hidden issues and pains of the past, both physical and emotional. These affect us today, disguised as different issues such as physical pain, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, financial struggles or simply feeling directionless.

Tell me more about your career before starting your business?

I was a Business Director for a very successful new advertising agency set up by big industry players. I worked for 10 years in various agencies looking after client relationships, developing the business within their accounts. It was an exciting time, working with big brands with big budgets and creating some really cool work. It gave me oodles of experience in marketing, communications and business strategy – all invaluable for pushing my business forward now.

What inspired you to start Jody Shield?

I took some time-out on a soul-searching mission to South America. I lived with an indigenous tribe who foresaw my change in career. They opened my connection to life and nature. When I came back, I’d deeply changed. My ideals had evolved – I didn’t feel satisfied ‘coasting’ through life. I was hungry for change. I wanted to transform lives, be in service and live a life of authenticity, aligned to my true purpose. To help people move through fears and illness, and find a new way of living in happiness, stress-free and relating to other. I needed to be truly ‘in-service’.

How did you manage building it alongside your full time career?

Haha, I love this part! I didn’t really have a ‘plan’ I just knew I had to get out. One day, this voice came from nowhere (somewhere inside me) and piped up: “Quit your job”, I was bewildered! Then it came again: “Quit your job”. It was so confident and reassuring that I actually did it, on-the-spot. I took a leap of faith and trusted I’d be looked after somehow. It was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never looked back. I knew I was on my path and things would just happen….which they have. It’s all about having trust!

What’s been the biggest highlight?

I’ve had lots of highlights so far – my business is constantly surprising me! Perhaps meeting amazing people who just want to support me and my work. Giving established music artists ‘The Pieces’ sessions was brilliant as they hyped me up across their channels. I remember looking back after a few months and I had 15 clients a week without any promotion, just through word-of-mouth recommendation and that was a huge achievement! Holding my first talk as an inspirational speaker at Shoreditch House 2 months after starting my business – was huge as I’d had a fear of public speaking!

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Anyone starting a completely new (and very unique) business must learn to trust. Trusting everything will work out was a challenge for me. Trusting I’d receive clients and get paid for doing what I love. I’m an eternal optimist so I view challenges as exciting learning opportunities and I’m always over-grateful for every challenge I encounter. When you’re grateful for something difficult, it changes the energy around it, which changes how you relate to it, and turning it into a positive experience! This is a good and powerful tip when dealing with problems.

There’s a great deal of buzz about what you do on various blogs social media and you’ve worked with a wide array of different people. What’s your secret?

I have lots of secrets! My biggest secret is ‘Living (and working) from the Heart’. Something that sounds simple but is often difficult to do. Once you learn to live from the heart, harnessing the powerful energy, leading with love – everything…and I mean EVERYTHING changes in your life. The shift is so powerful, you can easily attract in amazing things when you’re in this place. It’s a game-changer! I work with client to do this. As above – be grateful for everything in your life. A gratitude routine in the morning is so powerful, and being grateful for the challenges especially (as well as the amazing things). I view everything as energy. We’re energy and we vibrate at certain levels around certain things. Things that affect our vibrations are unhealed past events, limiting beliefs and subconscious thought patterns. Take finances as an example, if we have a low vibration around finances, we’ll find it difficult to attract in money in a fruitful and healthy way. Money is simply an exchange of energy; payment for your energy given out. You can restrict money through fears and blocks you subconsciously put in your own way. It’s possible to raise your vibration around money by consciously changing your thoughts, actions and energy. This is also something I work with.

What advice would you give to other women who dream of starting their own business?

The only thing ever holding you back is yourself: Your own fears and limiting beliefs. Clear these away and nothing will stand in your way. Your business is an expression of you, so make it your priority to do the inner work if you’re thinking about starting your own thing. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Also excitement is such a creative force! Getting excited about your thing gives you a powerful force that makes things happen. Excitement is more powerful than happiness. When you bubble with excitement, whatever you create will powerfully shine!

What’s next for you?

So many things on the horizon, it’s about learning to use discernment when making decisions about what to do next. Filtering out the average opportunities with not much reward or gain, to focusing on the things that you would love to do and make you emotional with excitement. Next year will be retreats, more speaking work, writing a regular column in press and working more internationally…watch this space!

What’s your favourite quote?

I have lots, here’s one: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit”  – Rumi

Jody is a highly intuitive Alternative Therapist, Transformational Coach, Meditation Practitioner and Speaker. She works across London and Globally, working through practical life-changing concepts and powerful healing techniques.

Straightforward, contemporary and aware of the everyday issues we face, Jody believes self-help and inner healing should be available in an easy-to-digest way. She translates spiritual healing into the modern day without any of the frills or fluff, and is a new leader in self-help and healing for the New Age.  For more information and a free guided meditation, visit Jody’s website here


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