"Don’t believe in failure, it’s a word I chucked out of my dictionary many years ago! Fear of success and fear of failure is the same thing – a fear of the unknown"

-Louise Androlia

Can you briefly explain more about what you do?

I work with clients for one-on-one Coaching, Tarot Therapy and run group workshops. I also write for three online publications: Monthly Tarotscopes for The Numinous, A monthly Tarot themed coaching post for Mademoiselle Robot and a monthly Spiritual/Holistic post for Live The Process.

After a challenging time with my health in my early twenties, I now teach from the lessons I have gained from my own challenges and recovery as well as working via intuitive channeling. I’ve been well connected to the spirit side of the human experience since I was a teenager and have read Tarot cards since I was young. One of my favourite things is to bring the spiritual back down to earth and help people understand and connect to their inner soul system. I work with Tarot in a modern day way: no fortune telling, I believe that we are the co creators of our experience and the present moment is our most empowered place to connect to and work with.

I have noticed through my own experiences and working with clients that when we feel stuck or blocked in some way it’s usually because we have a mind-body-spirit disconnect. When we’re truly aligned with each aspect of ourselves we feel empowered and able to move forwards. It’s so easy to hop out of our experience and I help people learn about their own mind-body-spirit connection, in order to get re-embodied, self soothe and de-stress.

I feel very strongly that we must learn to have compassion and nurture for our journey and know that it’s ok to not feel ok. I find that a huge part of getting balance is learning to be comfortable within the uncomfortable. I help clients discover their fears, get present with them and then feel safe in choosing another more loving direction.

I have noticed that we all have the exact same fears, packaged up in unique ways and yet we all feel alone sometimes. I find that my work makes me feel less alone and so consequently, help others know that they are not alone either. We are all in it together.


What inspired you to start Louise Androlia?

My work is a product of my experience so far. When I was in the first year of a Fine Art degree at Chelsea College of Art I quite suddenly became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I left college and gave up life as I knew it and moved back in with my parents. With a strong feeling that I should not take any medication, I chose to be treated via a holistic route. I changed my diet and had vitamin drips weekly. Because of this I made a full recovery. I was, however in a kind of life ‘time out’ for four years. In that time I also had debilitating PTSD from a trauma that happened during my illness and I healed that through Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR changed and enhanced my life and taught me some incredible tools that became the basis for much of my coaching today.

I knew that my health challenges were in place to enable me to help others, and I am so thankful for those years for giving me an entire new strength and positive perspective on life. When I recovered I was 26 but I wasn’t ready to begin being a therapist so decided to study Lingerie Design and set up my own fashion brand..of course!


Tell me more about your career before starting your business?

Since leaving school in 1998 I have worked as a nanny, an illustrator, a latex clothing product photographer and as a lingerie and accessories designer running my own brand Loulou Loves You from 2007-2012. I’ve never worked in an office or been on a payroll – I’ve always worked freelance. I now have an autoimmune thyroid disorder and so my wellness is always my top priority. I’ve found that working for myself means I can thrive within my health and my career.

I definitely arrived in this world and grew up feeling like the weirdo (like many of us do!) but it was usefully combined with a fierce desire to be independent, even my mum says that I would never do anything I didn’t want to! As an adult I find that I have developed fearlessness from my own stubbornness – stemmed from intent to move in the direction of my own passions and interests. I am lucky that I never felt pushed by my family or put pressure on myself to do anything other than what I was interested in. My only aspiration has ever been to feel happy, not to be successful or rich. I’m a classic introvert so working independently is my dream.

Studying Lingerie Design came from a simple passion to make beautiful pieces for people to feel good about themselves. I set up Loulou Loves You as a small Luxury Lingerie line. I designed and handmade lingerie from 100% silks and had a lot of success as one of the first brands to sell flower headbands – which were a big hit! I worked completely alone and I ran with the idea of making things with love and in those 5 years I only had one return. The moment I stopped loving the process I knew it was time to move on.


How did you manage building your business alongside your other work?

Four years into working on Loulou Loves You I woke up and knew it was time to start being of service as a therapist. So I set about preparing alongside still running my business. I signed up to weekly psychic development classes at The London College of Psychic Studies to get me back centered with my spiritual connection and then studied Massage Therapy on the weekends. I was studying the massage as well as the anatomy and physiology alongside sewing every day. I also worked one day in a couture latex boutique – this was a constant job I had while working on my brand to give me some regular income.

I passed my therapist exams in Summer 2011 and started to work as a massage therapist and energy healer alongside sewing. I officially closed down Loulou Loves You to work full time as a therapist in September 2012. I just recently stopped taking on clients for massage and energy healing to work with clients for Tarot and Coaching.

The wonderful thing was that I’d built up a supportive community with Loulou Loves You and my followers all got behind my new work. It’s amazing how many of my first clients were people who had once purchased something from my shop! This really taught me how essential it is to never assume that someone doesn’t ‘get it’ – it’s amazing the help and support that you find from the places you don’t expect. It’s important to stay open to all opportunities.


What’s been the biggest highlight?

Seeing clients transform and shift their lives right in front of my eyes, all because they have been willing to see things differently.


What’s been the biggest challenge?

I used to find the hardest thing was time management. Work vs Personal life. There is always something to do so you could work constantly. When I was running Loulou Loves You I fell into a trap of working 9am-1am most days and didn’t really give myself much time off. I always loved what I was doing though – which perhaps made it harder to take time out. I had a habit of feeling guilty if I wasn’t working.

Since working as a therapist I have done a complete turn around, it’s not a job you can over-do or you burn out quickly, and my energy is how I work so I have to keep it up. Now I have a wonderful mix of different things I work on which is my dream as I’ve always had octopus hands – doing a bit of this and that. I love being able to mix therapy with writing and artwork as that is where I find my balance.

I’ve never been on a salary so can’t really compare but working for yourself obviously comes with a test of faith in your ability to make money. I have however discovered and get it confirmed more and more that every time I reach further in the direction of my passions the more I am financially stable.


You’ve had some fantastic press and worked with some very high profile bloggers, writers and thought leaders. What’s your secret?

I’ve always been a strong believer in working hard and being kind – I don’t believe in competing with anyone and with that have grown an army of connections with amazing like-minded people who have similar journeys to mine. We are all in it together and keeping grounded in that always helps.


What advice would you give to other women who dream of starting their own business?

I really believe that if you want to do it, you can! Starting your own business means being willing to work hard and keep at it, and have a willingness to not be afraid. If you have to work three other jobs at the same time to get going – you can do it. Every time I worried about money I found something in my house to sell, got an extra few hours doing something or just had faith in one of my skills and put it out there to the world. Don’t compete with others. When starting a business, think of all other business owners as people you can learn from.

Don’t believe in failure, it’s a word I chucked out of my dictionary many years ago! Fear of success and fear of failure is the same thing – a fear of the unknown. Give yourself permission to feel happy. Get comfortable with change, the unexpected kind and the change you bring it in yourself. I feel that if you approach everything with an expanded viewpoint and believe in your potential then it’s much easier to see around the blocks. Be stubborn about pursuing your desires.

Try to recognise when you are in your own way, you will be your biggest challenge and the tools to help you get out of your way will help you. If you have anxieties about being good enough or successful then ask for help – books, blogs, coaches, therapists are available so that you can clear out redundant fears and shine as you are here to do.

Put your wellness at the top of your list, above money, above success – be unapologetic about caring for yourself. If you are healthy of mind-body-spirit then you will be able to cope, always. Learn as much as you can about you – self-knowledge enables you to self soothe in times of stress or change. Also know that there are no bad choices as you are on a journey. Listen to how a decision or action feels within your body; go with what feels good rather than what you think you ‘should do’.

Don’t sit on the sidelines of your experience and wait for things to happen – make intentions and take action. Take action by combining intuition with sold practicality – and with vigor. Then, always surrender the outcome. Oh, and HAVE FUN and be grateful for everything.


What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on a Jewellery collection, collaborating with my dear friend Jessica De Lotz. It will be out at the end of the summer and I’m so excited! Meanwhile I am running workshops at Shoreditch House and Celestine Eleven in London. In any spare time that I have I am creating a Tarot Teaching Program and planning an epic adventure.


What’s your favourite quote?


The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughtsMarcus Aurelius


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