Do you know what your true natural strengths are?

My guess is that you may struggle to answer that question. You might have a vague sense of knowing what you’re “kinda good at”, but find it hard to connect with those unique strengths that are the very essence of you….

This may keep you either:

1) Still sitting on the fence when it comes to making that change you so want in your career/ business (Once I finally KNOW what my unique strengths are, then I can move forward and everything will magically fall into place)

2) Limiting yourself in your business and career as you’re not leveraging that special gift that gets you showing up at your most powerful.
AND BE WARNED:  You may ‘think’ you know what your natural strengths are but in actual fact you’re overseeing an even richer, special strength that is as natural as your heart beat…

In today’s vlog, I share with you a simple and powerful exercise that will open your eyes to where your true strengths lie- and the key to your super powers. I reveal why so many of us get it wrong when it comes to trying to ‘pin point’ our strengths, and a far more effective way to approach it instead. I’ll also share what I learned from doing this exercise in my own life and what it opened up for me….

Just click on the video below to get the insight…


Let me know what this video sparked for you in the comments below.


Beth x

2 Responses to “How to get new clarity on what your true natural strengths are”

  1. Lily on

    I think the ‘easy’ stuff is very easy to overlook, as you say! I remember doing an online “creating your ideal life” or something like that, that a friend of mine did before me. Without looking at her answers, to just about every single question, my answers were, “Listening,” because that’s a very easy strength of mine that makes me very happy and brings me a lot of joy to give to others. I looked at her answers, which I felt were much more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘grown up’ that mine were, and I felt a little bad at how simple my answers were. Later, reflecting on it, there *are* other things that give me joy, but in the moment of doing that exercise, that was what truly felt meaningful, and I didn’t need any more complicated answers than that! It felt refreshing to have such a pin point on what I did that felt good to me, and that I knew helped others. It’s easy to try and sweep these under the rug, because a lot of times we’re raised in environments where either our natural gifts/skills aren’t nurtured or aren’t recognized. So we don’t believe they have much worth either, or that, yeah, ‘everyone does them’ so it’s not anything to capitalize on!

    • Beth Reacher on

      Hi Lily. I love this story and I can totally see why initially you would have felt like your answers were too simple- that there was some secret you were missing! However I would say that you totally nailed it there and by letting it be easy you tapped into your purest and most powerful strength. Listening is such a valuable strength and although it sounds so simple – it is one of the most difficult things for a lot of people! There is nothing more enlivening for someone than having someone be fully present and open to them.. (this is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about coaching!) This is a a strength indeed and please celebrate and nurture it! It also remind me of of the wonderful book ‘Time to Think’ by Nancy Kline which explores the power of listening and how we can all be better at it.


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