Have you heard of Sasha Fierce?

For those of you that may be scanning your brain for the light switch,  let me give you a little nudge in the right direction. You know Beyonce, right?  Sasha Fierce is Beyonce’s alter ego that she ‘becomes’ when she launches into that trademark rapture of a performance. In the devilishly gorgeous woman’s own words, ‘Sasha Fierce’ is “the fun, more sensual, aggressive, outspoken and glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage,”

You might be surprised to learn that according to those in the know, the ‘real’ Beyonce is in fact a rather shy, reserved young lady. Yet the presence of Sasha Fierce reveals that there is that fiery, passionate, diva deep within her, she’s just invented her own unique (and highly effective) way of bringing her alive in all her blazing glory.

By promoting the power of the alter ego, my message could appear to be contradictory to that which ignites my passion for powerful coaching-  rather than feeling a sense of simply  ‘going through the motions’ my aim is to enable my clients to discover their authenticity; to feel deeply empowered, present, alive.

However, as Beyonce’s ‘Sasha Fierce’ so beautifully demonstrates, the alter ego may in itself be a fake identity, but it is also more importantly a catalyst to unleash a deep, very ‘real’ part of that lava hot potential within.  I’m sure if she went through life without letting Sasha Fierce & all she embodies loose on the world, there would be a nagging sense that there was something painfully amiss in her experience (my ipod for one would be a duller place). Regrettably, I think a lot of us exist in that way, knowing the talents/desires/ quirks/ strengths we possess inside but never really mustering the courage or exerting the discipline to let them fully manifest- and nothing is sadder in my eyes than wasted potential.

One of my clients has developed a James Bond alter ego that he steps into to give him confidence when meeting women. When he fully connects to the James Bond version of himself, he oozes suave sophistication and magnetizing allure- experiencing that sense of presence that fully being immersed in your true potential brings. Our coaching is focused on making the James Bond in him more consistently ‘show up’ day to day (not just peeping up to say hi every now and then before falling into a slumber). Like Beyonce and my client, we all have that powerful side within hungry to breakthrough- we just need to work at it- nourish and feed it the same way you need to keep a fire ablaze: to me that’s what great coaching and self-development is all about.

What is that potential you have deep inside that’s crying out to be more present in the world & what alter ego can you invite in to bring it truly alive?

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