When Nike’s marketing team decided to make those basic three words their aspirational brand slogan, they were on to something. Here we have three of the simplest words in the English language combined in an orchestra of resonance the world over. It’s a marketer’s dream.

Personally, I give myself this advice pretty much on a daily bases. Like now for example as I sit down to write this blog entry that I have been procrastinating for quite some time. That voice inside I know all too well has warned me that now I have to just put myself on the line and….drum roll please…. JUST DO IT.

In my personal experience and those of my clients, there are a whole host of reasons that stop us from just getting on and doing what we want to do, from manically busy schedules, lack of confidence in our abilities to actually do-it and that old friend many of us know to well, Madam Perfectionism (feel free to add Master here in the interest of avoiding sexism!). I don’t know about you, but my Perfectionism is certainly a Madam- an uptight spinster of a thing with a crotchety, stern expression that reminds me of my first head teacher.

Of course Madam or Master Perfectionism’s presence isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, in some ways it’s really very productive- keeping you in check, striving to unleash your best and experience the success you desire. It ain’t so pretty when the fear of not producing your very best, stops you from doing it at all. Then you beat yourself up, after all Madam Perfectionism is your most harsh critic.

My biggest advice to get on and Just Do It?

  • Connect again with why you want this, the benefits of what it will give you- tap into that place of feeling inspired so it becomes a natural fuel to boost you along your way, making it feel enjoyable rather than a chore.
  • Make a pact with yourself you will do  your absolute best at that given time. Your best is all you can ever give. Start to practice ‘letting go’ once it’s done. Rather than continually reviewing what’s been completed, move on to the next thing that’s going to help you move forward.
  • Set a goal. Write it down. Refer to it first thing in the morning- make it your personal mission to achieve it. Have a clear detailed strategy for the when and how of execution.
  • Think about how damn good you’ll feel once you’ve done it and to can can cross it of the ol’ to-do list
  • If you want to really push yourself to JUST DO IT and make significant improvements & changes in your life, investigate working with a life coach


If you still don’t do it…check in with yourself. What’s stopping you? Is your intuition trying to tell you something?






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