I have a gorgeous friend with whom it’s become a ritual to meet up for a coffee in Starbucks on a Sunday morning. I love our meetings and endless chatter over too many soya lattes and regardless of how I’ve been feeling beforehand, I always come away exuberant with a spring in my step, like I’ve just had my battery recharged. I would describe her as a ‘diamond’ friend…let me explain:

Diamond friends are the gourmet meal and champagne of the friends clan and they brighten up any day, except it’s impossible to over indulge and get sick of them. You can talk endlessly until your voice croaks and time accelerates alarmingly when you’re together. No matter what time of day or night you’re there for each other, no pretences or awkwardness. And the very best thing about Diamond friends? They believe in you whole-heartedly, they share the faith and pick you up when you feel like you’re about to fall.

You may have loads of people you count as your friends, but true genuine diamond friends are rare. Most likely they are friends you have known the longest and know you inside out, but sometimes they can develop in a short space of time- there’s just that instant, unexplainable chemistry. Often we get so preoccupied with our day to day life, expelling our energies on the more accessible ‘convenient’ friendships that neatly slot into our daily routine, that our diamond friends fall by the wayside and we loose sight of how special they are. This is dangerous because nothing beats meeting up with a diamond friend to make you feel a million dollars. When you are striving to bring about change in your life and achieve big goals, diamond friends are the ones that really help keep you on track & connected to your powerful energy and vision.

Who would you class as your ‘diamond’ friends and why don’t you give them a call today?

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