I always love this time of year. Not only because I adore Christmas and everything it stands for (giving/ time together/ love/ celebration)  but there’s just something so exciting about having the next year stretching ahead like a fresh canvas…..and you get to choose what you paint and how you paint it.


As I touched on in my last post, to make the ‘most’ of the year and to have ‘your best year yet’ the traditional coaching advice is to set time specific goals and make ‘em happen like your life depended on them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, this can be such a dangerous way of going about it.




When we set time specific goals we can become so obsessed with reaching our ‘end’ destination that we spend all our time obsessing over the future. We lock into a rigid mindset that’s so hell bent on fulfilling tomorrow’s dreams that we cut ourselves off from the juicy, joyful power that’s present right here- in this moment.


Einstein said the definition of madness is to keep doing what you’re doing and expecting a different result. I would like to add a new one into the mix. The definition of total loo laah madness is exerting all your energies into creating the future of your dreams if you’re not actually fully enjoying the present moment- and life you have right now.


For those of you that might be thinking “but I have to struggle and suffer now to create the future of my dreams” and I know there will be (it’s certainly an unhelpful idea I had hanging around for a long time) – trust me, that just isn’t true. You are going to make your dreams happen much more joyfully and easily if you engage with the present moment as passionately as you plot out your golden future.


You see, the present moment is really where the magic happens. When we allow ourselves to be fully in the moment rather than letting our energy be consumed by tomorrow (an illusion because the only thing that exists is the present moment) we connect to a whole new richer, powerful way of being that ignites our true creativity and resourcefulness. We feel energised, awake, inspired, radiant- I don’t know about you but that’s the place from which I want to create my future.


So as you go about planning your 2013, my advice to you is rather than set rigid, time framed goals, have a play with setting powerful intentions instead.


I know you’re probably wondering what exactly is the difference, right? And why does it really matter?


Let me clarify:


A time specific goal can imply the idea of combat and struggle- that “I have to really force and push this to happen because the odds are most probably stacked against me”. You spend most of your time planning, preparing and pushing through for that golden moment when then you can relax and enjoy life. Your body may be present- but really you’re hanging out in what I call Tomorrow Town which is a cold, lonely old place (because it doesn’t actually exist!)


On the other hand, an intention ensures your attention is focused on your desire and what you want to bring about (remember what we focus on grows) but keeps you centred in the present moment. What you’re really saying is “My intention is to get XXXXXX {fill in with what your desire}  but I’m remaining open to how I get it”. That openness is the springboard to your desire as you have the space to check in with your intuition and plug in to the energetic flow of the universe. Remember there’s a higher power that is always conspiring with you to make your desires a reality- but when you’re so caught up in projecting and controlling the future, you cut off this connection.

Have you ever given yourself a break from pushing through your business plans- perhaps gone for a coffee to catch a ‘breather’ and it’s there you meet your next client? Or got speaking to a stranger on a train and found out they know someone that’s looking to work with someone with your expertise right now? Suddenly, without even trying, you’ve landed some seriously lucrative and exciting business. This is a perfect example of how when you stop forcing and allow yourself to go with the flow, you can tune into a deeper power at work.


So how do you set a powerful intention?


  • First, get clear in your heart what it is you really want. Not a good girls’ check list of shoulds/coulds/musts but what deep down stirs your very being. Check in with your body to access how truthful that desire is for you. Your body holds so much intelligence and wisdom if you just tune into it. The desire should be giving you some seriously good sensations. If it’s leaving you feel cold and flat, the desire aint really a desire.


  • Write a  little note to the Universe/ higher power/ spirit/ power (whatever resonates with you). To get started, something like:

My intention is to……………I promise to do everything I can to make this a reality, but trust you’re working with me to make this happen. (write whatever comes up for you from the heart)

  • Remind yourself of your intentions daily, especially in that silent time you have to really recentre and connect – perhaps on a run, walk in nature or meditation. This is building your connection and openness with the power that’s present in the presence :)
  • Get a vision board going on. Stick up photos/ quotes/ words- anything that capture that intention of what it is you want and keep referring to it. Let that feeling of inspiration and excitement flood through you and bring it to the present moment.


I’d love to know you’re intentions for 2013- do share and spread the love. As I’ve mentioned before, 2013 is seeing a whole new revamp and positioning of my work with the intention of helping you make your deepest, truest desires a reality- in business and in life. I’ll be unveiling all later on in January and I honestly can not wait to share with you. I know you’re gonna love love love it!


Wishing you all a Christmas full of some magical presence :) wink wink


Much love, mince pies and many more delicious Christmas delights,


Beth xxx


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  1. Beth Reacher on

    so pleased it resonated Marie-Louise. Let me know how you get on creating your intentions- & most of all remember to have fun with them! Have a fab xmas XX


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