I’m thrilled to feature Laura Roeder in the inspiration lounge of The Career Stylist. Laura Roeder is a leading social media expert and owner of LKR Social Media – one of the most reliable, easy to use sources for social media information and advice on the web.  She enjoys a location independent lifestyle whilst running her successful online training business.

It was a pleasure to meet up with Laura and hear about her journey to bring her dream career and business vision to life. I was particularly interested to learn how her business has evolved into the huge scale and impact it now has, and the personal decisions she made along the way that have been integral to her success. There’s some real nuggets of wisdom here …..


What where you doing before you became a full time business owner with LKR social media?

I started my career as a web designer for an ad agency. However, coming from a family of entrepreneurs I’d always had that entrepreneurial streak and dreamed of having my own business- so at the age of 22 I quit my job to run my own web design consultancy. I did this for two years before shifting my focus to build LKR social media.


What inspired you to set up LKR social media?

As much as I enjoyed being my own boss in my web consultancy business, I soon realised one of the big problems I and many other service- based businesses were facing.  Because we were working one- to- one with businesses, we were trading time for money and limiting ourselves. The more money we earned- the more we had to work, and there was always a financial ceiling we could reach.  It ended up feeling like we had just bought ourselves another ‘job’ – and that was totally contrary to the reason why we wanted to run our own business in the first place (more FREEDOM being the biggest motivator!)

This led me to become interested in how I could scale my business and create valuable services online for my clients- reaching a global audience that would benefit from my expertise whilst freeing me of the day-to-day delivery. At that time I’d developed a passion for social media and could see the impact it was having in my clients businesses.  I decided to evolve my business into LKR Social media, an online training company that teaches small businesses how to leverage social media to create fame and ultimately grow their business.


What’s contributed to your success?

Good question! I’m a big believer of just going for it with everything you’ve got in life and business- and I think this served me really well. For example, as soon as I realised that the 1-1 trading time for money traditional consultancy business wasn’t giving me what I really wanted, I fired all of my clients to free up my time to work on building my online training company. This could be seen as a bold move, but you have to be bold and have faith in where you’re going- even if that means temporarily making a short-term loss.

Another contributing factor to my success is that I invested in myself and learned everything I could about my industry and online business etc. For example, I invested in coaching with my mentor Marie Forleo and this later on led me to partner with her in creating B-School, the no.1 online business training programme for women.  It’s easy to get trapped in scarcity mentality when you’re running your business as you count the pennies, but the truth is you can’t grow if you don’t invest in your own growth! Learning and developing is one of the most important ingredients of being a successful entrepreneur (and why I created LKR social media!)


What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

That’s an easy one! The Freedom. I now enjoy a location independent lifestyle and get to travel the world whilst running a successful global online business. It’s also the day to day freedom it gives you- like being able to take time out during the day and being totally in control of your own schedule

I’m totally hearing you on that one Laura! Especially as we enjoy a coffee and (a particularly yummy) slice of cheesecake at 3pm on a week day…


What advice to other women who dream of starting their own business?

Ask yourself “What is the worse that can happen?”  We tend to over-think things and hold back out of fear when in reality the worse case scenario is not as bad as we’re imagining.

Remember every successful business owner was in your shoes at one point- we all had to start from somewhere. So don’t compare yourself to others who may have been working in their business for a lot longer than you- instead focus all your energy on  your business goals and have faith in yourself.


Favourite quote?

“How we spend our days is, of course, how to spend our lives” – Annie Dillard  TWEET IT!

To check out Laura’s business and start creating the fame you want to attract more clients and business, hop on over to LKR social media here

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