About & Vision

The Career Stylist is the online home for women who want to style a 21st century career and business they love- and live life on their terms.


Founded by me, life coach Beth Reacher, our mission is to help you create a flourishing career and business that fits you beautifully – and sees you coming alive as the inspired, rich and gorgeously true you.  

At The Career Stylist, we take a modern, entrepreneurial approach to the ‘career’, celebrating the dynamic opportunities we have in today’s world to create a thriving living doing what we love. We believe in our talent and vision as women, and support one another in moving beyond fear and self-doubt so we can boldly realise our most inspiring career and business dreams 

We know that the assumption that doing what you love automatically means you’ll be poor is outmoded, fear based thinking. We believe that you can create a career you love that is enriching both personally & financially (the two are not mutually exclusive!) This does mean that we need to embrace ‘a new way’ (The Career Stylist way!) where authentic online marketing & business savvy are key ingredients in our “21st century” career & business toolkit- but this is exactly what we’re here to help you with.

Our tribe is for everyone that aspires to The Career Stylist way- no matter where you are on your journey. You may still be exploring your ‘what next’- or already be working towards your dream career/ business. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to change and start that entrepreneurial project- or to step up and attract the soul-stirring success you really want- you’re in the right place. 

Are you ready to create a flourishing career/ business you love? 

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Learn more about Beth and the inspiration behind The Career Stylist

I often get asked what inspired me to start The Career Stylist  and the journey I’ve been on in style a career and business I love as a leading life coach – so let me share my story with you.

I started my career in media sales before entering the world of corporate recruitment, working for a leading city agency and, latterly, for a FTSE 100 company. Despite the trappings of ‘success’- the salary, lifestyle and Prada handbags – I felt unsatisfied. As much as I enjoyed parts of what I did, I knew deep in my heart it wasn’t my path. I was compromising, fitting in, and ultimately being ruled by fear (it feels safer to stay where things feel comfortable)- but it was leaving me miserable and stressed-out. I remember reading a quote that really hit a nerve when I was going through my own soul-searching phase. It read: “if your success is not on your terms, it’s not success at all” I realised my success was not on my terms and my intuition was telling me I had to make a change

I walked away from my career in corporate recruitment for what I told myself was a short-term break. Many of my friends and colleagues thought I had gone mad (and, at times, so did I!), but I had a calling far deeper in me that told me I had to go; I just knew I had to trust it and take that leap of faith.

I decided to feed my love of personal development and coaching, going on to train with The Coaching Academy to get my diploma in professional performance coaching. The longer I was out of the 9-5 slog and immersing myself in coaching, the more a little voice deep inside was urging me not to go back to the corporate world and get sucked back into the life I had had before. I had to give coaching my best shot. (After all, what’s the worse that could happen? If things didn’t work out, I could always got back to recruitment, right?)

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t all butterflies and roses. 

I had a bucket-load of self-doubt and resistance. Would people take me seriously? What would my old managers think? And the biggy…what if I failed? Luckily at the time I had been learning all about limiting beliefs and I was able to recognise this as my own resistance and fear trying to hold me back and keep me from fulfilling my potential. I also realised that I can’t possibly live my life to please other people – or to wait for others’ approval or validation – especially from those who are have not achieved what I aspire to. I knew deep down that if I did not go for it, I never would (the idea of the ‘perfect time’ is an illusion) and I didn’t want to look back at my life and think ‘what if?’ In the long-run, potential failure is a lot easier to live with than a string of regrets.

I started my own business by coaching anyone and everyone who sought my help and soon landed a couple of corporate coaching contracts that were just the challenge I needed at the time. The revenue I generated in those early stages was all the proof I needed that I could make a serious income doing what I loved. It was a much-needed sign from the Universe that I was on the right path and should keep pushing forward with my ambitions.

As my coaching evolved and I got clearer on the work I wanted to share with the world, the vision of The Career Stylist started to emerge. I could see so many women around me struggling the way I did- desperately wanting to make a change in the career but being held back by fears and doubts (what I call ‘scarcity’ thinking). There were also those that had made the leap of starting their own business/ freelance career, but were finding it difficult to find their authentic voice, attract clients and business and make a thriving living out of their passion.  Having both a keen interest of personal growth and spirituality but also a passion for marketing and business- The Career Stylist  felt like the natural path for me to take.

The Career Stylist fulfils my core mission of helping others to LOVE LIFE and enjoy more personal freedom and happiness. You can find out more by visiting my main online home over at bethreacher.com (coming soon!)