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One lady who loves her ‘portfolio career’ (combining a part time ‘job’ with her own business!)

“My project management role offers me structure, intellectual challenge, colleagues and security while running Chic by Charlotte gives me freedom, a creative outlet, excitement and real fulfilment.”

- Charlotte Ralph, Part time project manager and business owner.


Do you dream of having your own business but just don’t know how you could ever make the shift from day job to budding business owner? Or perhaps you have your own business, but there’s a little … (Read More)

From Marketing Executive to Aspiring Travel Writer and Mum-To-Be

“The big vision is to make my name as a travel writer, to have articles commissioned and be able to make a living from my passion”

Today I’m inviting one of my old friends from school, Angharad Paull, to share with us how she discovered a new passion- travel writing. Read on to find out how she’s managed to build her blog and profile in a new industry whilst in a full time marketing job, … (Read More)

From Corporate Recruiter to Job Seekers Champion

My friend Aimee Bateman from CareerCake.TV shares how she transitioned from being in a 9-5 job as a corporate recruiter to styling a portfolio career that gives her the freedom and variety she loves (this includes running her own recruitment consultancy business).

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I wanted to be something different every week. A teacher, so I could write on the board in chalk. A marine … (Read More)

From Tax Accountant to Intuitive

Rachel Willis shares how she made the transition from a corporate tax accountant to running her own global business as an ‘intuitive’. Talk about a radical change!… Read on + be truly inspired by Rachel’s journey + tips…

Tell me more about what you do for a living?

I love that in our language we can call our job our ‘living’. This is how I like to think of it too, having experienced working for … (Read More)

Contract Private PA- 10 hours a wk

Contract JobsPortfolio CareersNo CommentsNovember 30th, 2011

An exclusive Private PA/ lifestyle business is looking for a proactive, energetic personal PA for circa 10 hrs a week based in central London. Ever seen Sex + The City how Carrie has a switched on personal PA that gets involved with anything + everything to support her busy lifestyle? Well that’s what you’ll be doing.

You  must be technology savvy, energetic + keen to lead on a range of tasks + activities. Common sense … (Read More)

From Government Employee to Creative Independent Consultant

Freya El Baz is a Creative Independent consultant + explains why she  decided move on from the world of permanent employment to go ‘solo’ +  pursue a rewarding portfolio career at the age of just 26.

Tell me a bit more about what you do?

I founded my writing, editing and researching business in April 2011 after having worked for a Government department. I realised that I wanted and needed more control over my career … (Read More)

From Employed Staff Editor to Passionate Portfolio Careerist

I’ve recently had the pleasure of speaking with Helen Wiles who has a dynamic ‘portfolio career’, combining running her own company with her work as a part time lecturer. Helen is a true career stylist, shaping her career around her passions + interests to  cleverly monetize a range of skills + experience . Read below to learn more about how Helen has driven her career to work for her + why she is so passionate … (Read More)