Want to know a really powerful but rather unusual tip for getting new clarity around what you really want to do with your life?

It’s really super simple…..




When you focus on clearing out the junk in your life, you create a sense of space and freedom that ignites new inspiration and insights when it comes to your true path and calling.

Our founder, London and Dublin based life coach Beth Reacher writes more about how this works and her top tips to declutter your life to invite in new clarity over on her blog here.

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  1. Elizabeth-Mary O'Brien on

    Hello I am interested in exploring my career options. I am 26 General nurse with a BS degree 2.1, four year programme form the University of Limerick Ireland. I move to the UK in 2014 have work in ICU for a year and a bit and now I work in the London Clinic on a busy surgical ward mainly comprised of Gynaecology thoracic, hepatobiliary and general surgery.
    I Qualified in 2012 in 2016 I am planning on furthering my education and possible specialising in an area or go back to college and build upon or use my current Knowledge in a different field. I am also open to a career change as my main interest’s lies with health, nutrition well-being and fitness. I feel the stress of being a nurse and our ever expanding role to meet higher expectations does not come in par and I feel my health is effected as a result of my hard work. I tend to put my patients first and I don’t take regular breaks and it more than likely leads to burn out and I know I cannot do this long-term. I do enjoy the job but I feel it does not work well with my lifestyle.
    I enjoy team work and working to a high standard and I do enjoy people as no two days are the same. I am well able to adapt to change and I would love to explore other options in a job where I can connect and make a difference but have a better work/life balance Thanking you


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